360 photo booth machine has swept all round the world since 2021 and even this year the heat of 360 photobooth remains high. This spinning video booth has become the super star in events.

TOPS started to design and produce the 360 photo booth on January, 2021. After continuous upgrading and optimization, we currently have three 360 video booth products, which are widely praised by our buyers.


We have been shipping the 360 Photobooth Machine from our factory in Chengdu since january. And we will also have stock in US warehouse and Canada warehouse in June, 2021. The method of packing RCM360 is optional as well. It can be packed by the matched bag & wood case, the matched bag & carton, or special flight case. Note: If you need logo printing service, the delivery time will be longer than normal due to the time to prepare the logo.


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