Simulation Flame Led Device

Simulation Flame Led Device is suitable for every event, party and so on. It can ROCK everyone when the "fire" is burning.


Powerful high-speed turbo blower
Full color LED lamp beads
Stable panel with approx. conductivity
Weighs only 4kg, easy to carry

high quality ribbon

Made of man-made fibers for a light, airy silk feel. When encountering the wind, it can dance lightly and fly, and the effect is better.

Other Features

Equipped with two twin-turbine blowers to provide strong wind power while achieving high efficiency and energy saving.

Using thicker core pure copper wire not only conducts better, but also generates less heat. Electricity is safer and more secure.

Using a new environmentally friendly polyvinyl chloride material, at 30 degrees Celsius, the outer skin is permanently anti-freezing and anti-aging; at 70 degrees Celsius, the flame retardant effect is achieved.

Real Shooting Show

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