Of course, the automatic RCM360PRO rotating video booth is popular among people. According to its automatical design, it has relatively higher production costs and the selling price is also not low. Thus, buying RCM360PRO may exceed the budget of some customers.

Taking into account the situation of this part of the customer, but also allowing them to experience 360 degrees of fun photography, we are developing the manual version of 360 photo booth.

There are currently two appearance styles tentatively for manual versions of 360 photo booth. Round style and Octagon style. The height of the platform from ground is shorter, making it more stable. Further more, it is also nice for home use or personal use. When you host a small party with your friends or family, it will make difference with the manual 360 photo booth.

Now we are planning to take pictures and videos of these two manual style booth and then upload them on our website. If you are interested in them now, sending us the email to get a quotation. And our professional sales person will contact you as soon as possible.