RCM360PRO Anti-Shake Spinning Photo Booth is an iterative and optimized model based on the original RCM360 Video Booth equipment. There is not much difference in appearance between these two photo booth models, and RCM360PRO is still divided into 31.5″, 39.4″, 45.3″ according to the size. In order to increase the stability of the spinner, RCM360PRO adds four new adjustable rubber pads on the base part. Because the platform surface of the 45.3″ model is larger. In order to increase the stability of the structure and reduce the deformation of the center load-bearing sheet metal, there is one more adjustable rubber pad at the center of the base than the other two size models. RCM360PRO also adds more reinforcing steel bars at the bottom of the platform to increase the load-bearing capacity of the platform surface. In addition, in order to avoid the phenomenon that the user’s own shake will cause the entire rotating motion arm to shake together, RCM360PRO adopts a split design between the booth part and the rotating assembly to ensure that the two components do not interfere with each other, but also the installation process is slightly more complicated than the previous RCM360 model.

The following is an explanation of the precautions during installation and use of RCM360PRO:

1. When receiving the goods, you should first check and confirm the integrity of the goods to ensure that the goods are not damaged by violent transportation. This will also be a strong evidence for after-sales processing.

2. After confirming that the goods are in good condition, the zipper of the bag should be fully opened and then the product should be taken out. (Note: There are many accessories and gift items inside, especially 31.5″, you need to pay more attention to the integrity of the internal accessories, and be careful)

3. After taking out the product, first screw all the rubber feet to the bottom, and then place the product on a flat ground, adjust the rubber feet of the outer ring to ensure that the bottom of each rubber foot touches the ground and the platform does not shake; finally adjust the inner ring Each rubber foot ensures that the bottom of each rubber foot touches the ground without shaking, while ensuring that the rotating platform is flat on the ground.

4. It is forbidden to shake the rotating motion arm up and down during use or transportation to prevent the bearing from loosening.

5. It is forbidden to lift the upper surface of the booth during the process of moving or using, and raise on the bottom base part to prevent the platform from loosening, causing the base to fall and hit your feet. (the 360PRO has been designed to prevent falling off, but it is still recommended to lift the bottom base part )

6. Before use, confirm that the platform surface is not loose. If there is any looseness, please tighten it with a hexagonal wrench before use (to prevent the platform surface from spinning)

7. During use, the user should stand on the center of the booth (to prevent the edge force from causing rollover or deformation of the platform surface)

8. During installation and use, the supporting platform of the rotating component should be as close as possible to the supporting platform of the base (designed with a 2mm gap) to prevent the inner ring rubber pads from being too high to cause one-sided collision between the rotating motion arm and the platform (especially the 45.3″ model)

9. During use, the adjustable part of the horizontally adjustable rod must be fixed by the two thumbscrews and the embedded pipe must be tightened.

10. During use, the thumb screw of the tilt adjuster must be tightened to prevent the rod from shaking

11. Cameras, tripods, spherical pan/tilt, camera pan/tilt, ring fill light and other equipment must be fixed on top during use to prevent the product from falling to the ground due to inertia during rotation

12. Be sure to leave a considerable distance around the product before and during use, and pay attention to safety

13. If you accidentally break the connection between the motor and the controller, you can directly connect the motor wire and the control connection wire (no distinction between positive and negative colors)

14. The 360PRO (second batch) controller can be connected to an external 24v power bank, but the user needs to purchase the corresponding power bank and DC head power connection.

15. The angle of the vertical cantilever and the inclination adjuster should not be too large, and the weight of the vertical cantilever should be less than 3kg; excessive inclination or heavy load of the vertical cantilever will cause the balance weight of the rotating component to be unstable during the rotation process, resulting in the rotating component Shaking caused by unstable base;

16. When storing products, the motor wire should be fixed at the end of the motor

17. When storing the product, the rotating components should be fixed together with the outer ring load-bearing components with ties or ropes to avoid transportation shaking

18. When using then small cart for transportation, please use the black bag first to prevent the cart from scratching the machine

19. Please pay attention to the safety of electrical equipment. It is forbidden to intentionally short-circuit the motor; it is forbidden to plug and unplug the power supply with one hand; the machine is not waterproof, please keep away from water sources, and it is forbidden to use it in the open air on rainy days; if you need to short-circuit the line, please follow the professional guidance or consult the sales staff