360 Photo Booth experience captures a slow motion video from all angles.

Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them.

What is the 360 model?

It is the most versatile booth available – featuring compatibility with many different versions of photo capture technology.

Whether you are using a smartphone, iPad, GoPro or DSLR camera, you can be sure the it will support their weight.

The bleeding-edge design of the new 360 model provides an affordable, compact, and fast photo technology that users will adore.

With the rise of iPads in photobooths, we’ve implemented them into our DSLR-based design flawlessly.  Now we can streamline both the DSLR and iPad variants of our booth. And painless to set it up, test it, and run it.

We’ve kept it simple, so much so that you can set up it faster than you can make yourself a cup of tea.

Ready for Social Media

Be the envy of all your would-be customers: utilise the social media of your users as free advertisement in a win-win scenario: they share gorgeous 360 content, and your branded outputs show your company name in all its glory.

This is the perfect solution to corporate events driving engagement, or social media savvy brides and grooms.

Brand Customization

Make your mark with the 360 photo booth. Physical and digital branding is simple, but extremely effective. 

Vinyl wrapping allows the platform to draw attention and intrigue, while catering to any event.

Brand your moving content with overlays, and add intro/outro clips to your content to make it unforgettable.